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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
465-v7 Material Test Data and Procedures Ewa Skup Luke
Materials Tests
02 Mar 2017
406-v3 Trace_Level Instrumentation Reed Andrews et al. Purity Measurements
01 Jul 2009
590-v8 UGA System Data and Manuals Kyle Conway et al. Equipment
Distillation Column
Distillation Column
05 Aug 2016
1709-v1 Proceedings YRM at GSSI - The LArIAT experiment Irene Nutini LArIAT
08 Jan 2016
1213-v20 LArIAT Cryogenics & Cryogenic Safety documentation Russ Rucinski Cryogenics
12 Oct 2015
1371-v1 Alignment report for tertiary beam Douglas Jensen Beam/Sites
13 Oct 2014
1064-v6 Purity Monitor Systematics and Data Quality for LAPD Michelle Stancari LAPD
Purity Monitors
10 Apr 2015
1056-v2 Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers (IF seminar) Tingjun Yang ArgoNeuT
26 Aug 2014
635-v4 LAPD Cryostat Interior Temperatures - RTD measurements and CFD models of Liquid and Gas Temperatures Erik A Voirin Insulation
LAr general
24 Jan 2014
1015-v2 The LArIAT Experiment, talk at DPF2013 Andrzej M. Szelc LArIAT
15 Aug 2013
930-v2 LAPD talk for LArTPC (Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Detector) R&D Workshop Terry Tope LAPD
05 May 2013
265-v44 Cryogenic Safety Report for PAB in presence of Luke and Bo, and PMT test, Distillation Column, Condenser Booster, and Cold Trap David Montanari et al. Cryogenics
ES&H Documents
25 Mar 2013
935-v0 news from DoE Flavio Cavanna LArIAT
22 Mar 2013
553-v126 Liquid Argon Purity Demonstration (LAPD) Cryogenic Safety Report Mark Adamowski et al. ES&H Documents
20 Dec 2012
38-v9 Misc. Engineering Property Values, Conversions, and Hardware Manuals Terry Tope References
27 Mar 2006
655-v4 Documentation for LAPD PPD ES&H ORC Review Walter Jaskierny ES&H Documents
07 Nov 2012
838-v3 Long-Bo TPC in the Liquid Argon Purity Demonstrator Tingjun Yang LongBow
08 Oct 2012
754-v4 Crane for Long Bo installation Hans Jostlein Detector
08 May 2012
741-v1 Liquid Argon Purity Demonstrator (LAPD) at Fermilab Chad Johnson LAPD
30 Mar 2012
30-v2 Wide Mouth Dewar Top Flange Hans Jostlein et al. Feedthroughs
31 Jan 2006
318-v2 20ton Purity Demonstration Public Documents Richard Schmitt None
17 Sep 2008
547-v8 LAPD in PC4 - area pictures & layout sketches Mark Adamowski et al. Cryogenics
Site Design
05 May 2011
160-v20 Cosmic Ray Collection David Finley et al. DAQ
Big Tank
Cosmic Rays
Pattern Recognition
07 Mar 2011
542-v1 Room Temperature Water Evolution Test Stephen Pordes Purity Measurements
Materials Tests
15 Feb 2010
408-v1 Liquid Argon Purity Demonstration Tank Richard Schmitt Equipment
23 Jan 2009
431-v16 Implicated Effects of Water on Electron Drift Lifetime Reed Andrews PAB setup
Purity Measurements
Purification (chemical and radio)
29 Jun 2009
409-v3 Talks at PPD Review/Briefing/Workshop on LAr R&D 1/26/09 Stephen Pordes PAB setup
Fermilab Reviews
01 Aug 2009
341-v17 PrM Summary data - continually updated Reed Andrews et al. Purity Measurements
16 Mar 2009
355-v9 Talks to Kephart and Nicholson R&D review Stephen Pordes Talks
24 Jan 2009
361-v2 Talk to DOE Science & Technology Review 6/24-6/26 2008 (15 minutes) Stephen Pordes External Reviews
23 Jan 2009
313-v5 Large Liquid Argon Detector R&D in the US David Finley Systems
08 Oct 2007
21-v2 Franco Sergiampietri Presentations Franco Sergiampietri References
Big Tank
Big Tank
30 Sep 2007
253-v3 LaThuile talk by Finley March 2007 David Finley Talks
18 Sep 2007
132-v7 Drawings and Notes related to the implementation of Luke Terry Tope Instrumentation/Controls
Pumps and Piping
03 Oct 2006
263-v3 Cellular Design for the Long Baseline Study David Gerstle et al. Cellular Design
Docs & Correspondence
31 May 2007
199-v1 Cellular Design for a Large Liquid Argon TPC Detector by Hans Jostlein Hans Jostlein Big Tank
20 Sep 2006
159-v4 LArTPC: Purity and Purity Monitoring David Gerstle Talks
Docs & Correspondence
30 May 2006
144-v3 Talk on Purity Business at May 13 2006 meeting Stephen Pordes PAB setup
Purity Measurements
13 May 2006
77-v1 transparency of various purity monitor grids John Krider Purity Monitors
09 Feb 2006

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