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These documents on Design/Calculations (subtopic of Purification (chemical and radio)) are available:

LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
499-v1 Effect of a Virtual Leak on Argon Purity in LAPD and MicroBooNE Hans Jostlein LAPD
14 Jun 2011
223-v1 Purging a tank with argon gas - submitted to Long Baseline Study Walter Jaskierny et al. Design/Calculations
PAB setup
Purification (chemical and radio)
03 Jun 2010
250-v1 A Model for Purging a 15,000 Ton LARTPC Richard Schmitt Design/Calculations
Big Tank
Big Tank
08 Feb 2007
91-v2 Single Filter Pass Contamination Parameters Terry Tope LAr general
20 Oct 2006
131-v4 Scheme for filtering liquid argon in a single cryostat without using a mechanical pump Cary Kendziora et al. Design/Calculations
Piping and Pumps
26 Jul 2006
97-v3 Scheme for Contaminating LAr with Nitrogen Terry Tope Design/Calculations
Purity Measurements
Materials Tests
27 Mar 2006
110-v2 Saturated Liquid Argon Contamination Mixtures - Contaminant Phase Preferences Terry Tope Design/Calculations
23 Mar 2006
39-v1 Contaminant Concentrations in a large Vessel Kurt J Krempetz Design/Calculations
Big Tank
16 Nov 2005
27-v1 Argon Purity and Purification in a large cryogenic tank. Adam Para Design/Calculations
21 Oct 2005
14-v1 Argon System Richard Schmitt LN general
LAr general
Big Tank
18 Oct 2005

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