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LArIAT Cryogenics & Cryogenic Safety documentation

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Russ Rucinski
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Russ Rucinski
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03 Apr 2014, 14:28
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19 Jun 2015, 10:42
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12 Oct 2015, 09:45
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A place to collect cryogenics documentation for LArIAT.
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replaced flow schematics with revision L. Replaced components list with recent revision.
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  • LARTPC-doc-974: Specification for Procurement of Major Components for LArIAT Cryogenics
  • LARTPC-doc-1093: Edens Package for Cryo System
  • LARTPC-doc-1158: LArIAT Cryogenics Schedule
  • LARTPC-doc-1043: LArIAT MC7 location photos
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held on 16 Sep 2014 in WH9SE (Libra)
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