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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4859-v1 Update on 1/15/2021 on Xenon Doping Run Alan A Hahn Light Stuff
16 Jan 2021
4760-v1 Wiener MPOD Manual Alan A Hahn High Voltage
28 Sep 2020
4685-v2 Xenon Doping in Luke Status Alan A Hahn Xenon in Argon
29 Jul 2020
4585-v1 Photon Signal Sources in MTS --Xenon Doping Setup Alan A Hahn Xenon in Argon
18 May 2020
4454-v1 Cryo Data From IU Tall Bo 8/2018 to 10/2018 run Alan A Hahn Oxygen
Light Stuff
Purification (chemical and radio)
10 Feb 2020
4323-v3 PAB Status Alan A Hahn Luke
20 Nov 2019
3956-v1 LAr R&D Facility at PAB Alan A Hahn LAr general
12 Jun 2019
1070-v1 TallBo Drawings Alan A Hahn TallBo
04 Mar 2018
1958-v2 35 Ton Ullage Questions Alan A Hahn Instrumentation/Controls
LAr general
07 Sep 2016
1885-v1 Vertical Temperature Profiles in LAPD and 35Ton Cryostats Alan A Hahn Instrumentation/Controls
LAr general
15 Jun 2016
1726-v1 PC4 Facilities: Past Uses and Possible Future Directions_R&D Workshop 1/20-21/2016 Alan A Hahn LAPD
24 Jan 2016
1501-v1 Final ORC for TPC HV Alan A Hahn et al. High Voltage
Fermilab Reviews
23 Apr 2015
1381-v1 LArIAT Cryo Power needs for MC7 Alan A Hahn LArIAT
05 Jan 2015
1410-v2 Preliminary Results from Scan of Flash Lamp with a Quartz fiber mounted on an adjustable three axis table Alan A Hahn et al. Purity Monitors
25 Nov 2014
1333-v1 Estimate of e- lifetime during fill and early operation of the 35T Phase 1 Cryostat Alan A Hahn Instrumentation/Controls
Purity Measurements
Purity Monitors
21 Aug 2014
1294-v5 Sketch of LArIAT Schedule, mid-August Alan A Hahn LArIAT
11 Jul 2014
1221-v1 Photo Tour of MC7 MWPC Installation Alan A Hahn et al. LArIAT
15 Apr 2014
1218-v1 PrMs and the 35T Phase 1 Run Alan A Hahn Instrumentation/Controls
Purity Measurements
Purity Monitors
09 Apr 2014
883-v1 Operation of the RTD Spooler Application Alan A Hahn LAPD
31 Dec 2012
766-v1 Test Beam Physics Goals Alan A Hahn LArIAT
30 May 2012

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