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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
528-v2 Space Charge in Ionization Detectors Kirk McDonald et al. LAr general
Cosmic Rays
28 Aug 2014
533-v1 Muon Rate in the μBooNE TPC Qing He et al. Cosmic Rays
02 Feb 2010
534-v1 Electron Drift Velocity in the microBooNE TPC Qing He et al. Argon drift
02 Feb 2010
532-v1 Papers on Electron Drift and Diffusion in Liquid Argon Kirk McDonald References
02 Feb 2010
531-v1 Strategies for Liquid Argon Detectors at DUSEL Kirk McDonald Neutrino Oscillation
02 Feb 2010
530-v1 A Neutrino Horn Based on a Solenoid Lens Kirk McDonald New Beams
02 Feb 2010
529-v1 Lorentz Angle of Electrons Drifting in Liquid Argon in a Magnetic Field Kirk McDonald LAr general
02 Feb 2010
527-v1 Path Length of Muons Traversing an Arbitrary Volume Hans Jostlein et al. Cosmic Rays
02 Feb 2010
163-v6 Occupancy of a Large Liquid Argon TPC due to Cosmic Rays Kirk McDonald Cosmic Rays
11 May 2009
11-v1 NuSAG Submission Douglas Jensen et al. Docs & Correspondence
01 May 2007
180-v2 A Large Underground Liquid Argon Detector without a Cryostat Kirk McDonald Cryostats
10 Jul 2006
142-v1 Ar39 Decays and Background Rates on Long Wires Kirk McDonald Pattern Recognition
12 May 2006
121-v1 Vibration of Wires in Liquid Argon Due to Fluid Flow Kirk McDonald Big Tank
Big Tank
11 Apr 2006
103-v1 Request to NSF for R&D funds - March 2006 Kirk McDonald Docs & Correspondence
20 Mar 2006
68-v1 Cryostats for a Liquid Argon "Near Detector" in a Neutrino Beam Kirk McDonald ICARUS
Pattern Recognition
30 Jan 2006

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