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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1989-v5 The LArIAT Experiment's Data Acquisition and Trigger, CHEP2016 Presentation William Badgett DAQ
21 Feb 2020
2138-v2 Quick First Results from Cooldown Noise Measurements William Badgett Cold Electronics
17 Mar 2017
2714-v1 LArIAT Warm ADC Experience for the SBND Warm ADC Review Committee William Badgett Front End
Cold Electronics
25 Jul 2017
2134-v4 Noise During LArIAT Cool Down William Badgett LArIAT
20 Mar 2017
1813-v1 The Odor of Corruption & whatnot William Badgett LArIAT
24 Mar 2016
1743-v1 CAEN Digitizer Clock Synchronization William Badgett LArIAT
Electrics and DAQ
08 Feb 2016
1737-v1 TPC Readout & Other New Items William Badgett LArIAT
04 Feb 2016
1702-v1 DAQtivities in January 2016 William Badgett LArIAT
05 Jan 2016
1676-v1 DAQ status and TPC Hazard Analysis William Badgett LArIAT
24 Nov 2015
1675-v1 Lariat TPC Analog Noise Investigation with Open Cryostat and HV Operation Hazard Analysis William Badgett High Voltage
24 Nov 2015
1641-v9 LArIAT DAQ and Trigger for ORR William Badgett LArIAT
13 Oct 2015
1612-v1 Veto Time Test William Badgett LArIAT
15 Sep 2015
1606-v1 Getting BUSY - a decent proposal William Badgett LArIAT
01 Sep 2015
1586-v1 More recent DArQtivities William Badgett LArIAT
11 Aug 2015
1582-v2 DAQ Blurbs and Teensy Talk William Badgett LArIAT
04 Aug 2015
1571-v2 Recent DAQtivities William Badgett LArIAT
21 Jul 2015
1553-v1 DAQ Run 1 Experience and plans and important declaration William Badgett LArIAT
23 Jun 2015
1551-v1 Online Computing and DAQ Plans, Shutdown William Badgett LArIAT
23 Jun 2015
1504-v1 Lariat DAQ Known Issues William Badgett LArIAT
28 Apr 2015
1479-v1 DAQ Errors William Badgett LArIAT
17 Mar 2015
1461-v1 Sending our Scalers to ACnet and V1751 allocation, discussion William Badgett LArIAT
17 Feb 2015
1440-v1 IFBeam William Badgett LArIAT
20 Jan 2015
1432-v1 Recent DAQ Updates William Badgett et al. LArIAT
06 Jan 2015
1424-v2 DAQ Status Update William Badgett LArIAT
16 Dec 2014
1406-v1 Comments on the WUT Operation William Badgett LArIAT
18 Nov 2014
1280-v3 LArIAT DAQ Status William Badgett et al. LArIAT
10 Jul 2014
1248-v1 LArIAT Rack Plans and DAQ Status William Badgett et al. LArIAT
27 May 2014
1228-v1 LArIAT DAQ Status William Badgett LArIAT
29 Apr 2014
1207-v1 LArIAT DAQ Status William Badgett LArIAT
25 Mar 2014
1206-v1 LArIAT DAQ Status William Badgett LArIAT
25 Mar 2014
1200-v1 LArIAT TPC V1740 Readout William Badgett LArIAT
18 Mar 2014
1185-v1 LArIAT TPC and TOF Readout William Badgett LArIAT
18 Feb 2014
1168-v2 LArIAT Time of Flight TDC William Badgett LArIAT
11 Feb 2014
1159-v1 TPC V1740 Synchronization William Badgett Signal Processing
Front End
28 Jan 2014
1155-v2 LARIAT DAQ Overview William Badgett et al. LArIAT
17 Jan 2014
1138-v1 V1740 TPC Readout and Clock Status William Badgett Signal Processing
Electrics and DAQ
19 Dec 2013
1106-v4 Thoughts about LArIAT Readout Timing William Badgett DAQ
Electrics and DAQ
07 Nov 2013
1091-v1 DAQ update 10/24-31 Roberto Acciarri et al. LArIAT
30 Oct 2013
1033-v4 LArIAT Online Computing William Badgett Front End
29 Aug 2013

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