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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1952-v1 LArIAT in the Eve-Based Event Display Andrew Olivier Event Displays
26 Aug 2016
1837-v4 APS April Presentation: Monte Carlo Study of Pion Absorption in LArIAT Andrew Olivier LArIAT
15 Apr 2016
1824-v2 Pion Absorption+Charge Exchange Monte Carlo Study Andrew Olivier LArIAT
01 Apr 2016
1763-v1 Pion Absorption Analysis Progress Feburary 19 Andrew Olivier Reconstruction
19 Feb 2016
1683-v1 Pion Absorption Analysis Progress December 4: Likelihood PID Andrew Olivier Reconstruction
03 Dec 2015
1663-v1 LArIAT Geometry Update Analysis Summit Andrew Olivier LArIAT
13 Nov 2015
1630-v1 LArIAT Pion Absorption Analysis Progress October 6 Andrew Olivier Calorimetry
06 Oct 2015
1622-v1 Track Reco Problems Andrew Olivier Reconstruction
23 Sep 2015
1616-v2 Pion Absoprtion Reconstruction Progress Andrew Olivier Reconstruction
18 Sep 2015
1592-v1 LArIAT Event Display for Reco Workshop Andrew Olivier LArIAT
Event Displays
17 Aug 2015
1587-v2 LArIAT Event Display Add-Ons Andrew Olivier LArIAT
Event Displays
11 Aug 2015
1568-v1 Preliminary Pion Absorption Studies Andrew Olivier LArIAT
14 Jul 2015
1559-v1 Bezier Tracker Progress Andrew Olivier Reconstruction
30 Jun 2015
1547-v1 Event Display and Bezier Tracker Andrew Olivier LArIAT
22 Jun 2015
1538-v1 LArIAT Event Display Update Andrew Olivier LArIAT
Event Displays
16 Jun 2015
1505-v1 Study of Noisy Hits from LArIAT Reconstruction Andrew Olivier LArSoft
Detector Response
28 Apr 2015
1441-v1 Auxiliary Detectors in the LArSoft Event Display Andrew Olivier LArSoft
Event Displays
21 Jan 2015
1139-v2 Beam Flux Input Module Presentation Andrew Olivier LArSoft
Event Generation
19 Dec 2013
995-v1 PDF Presentation for Veto System Andrew Olivier LArIAT
11 Jul 2013

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