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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1839-v1 Study of charged pion interactions in liquid argon through ionization free charge and scintillation light in LArIAT Irene Nutini LArIAT
14 Apr 2016
1709-v1 Proceedings YRM at GSSI - The LArIAT experiment Irene Nutini LArIAT
08 Jan 2016
1631-v1 Charged Pion XS - status Irene Nutini LArSoft
06 Oct 2015
1564-v1 Charged pion reconstruction Irene Nutini LArSoft
07 Jul 2015
1548-v1 PreliminayTPCReco Irene Nutini LArSoft
22 Jun 2015
1528-v1 SensL in the cryostat Irene Nutini Light Stuff
02 Jun 2015
1499-v1 Trigger Study Irene Nutini Beam/Sites
21 Apr 2015

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