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406-v3 Trace_Level Instrumentation Reed Andrews et al. Purity Measurements
01 Jul 2009
4712-v1 Herbert Chen and West Coast early work on argon Author OTHER Purification (chemical and radio)
04 Aug 2020
4667-v1 Movies of NP02 argon surface .. Author OTHER Cryogenics
27 Jul 2020
135-v2 Electrons in Noble-Gas Liquids Author OTHER References
Materials Tests
03 Jul 2020
206-v4 Liquid and Vapor Phase Argon- Basic data Author OTHER et al. LAr general
29 May 2020
23-v1 Design of Grid Ionization Chambers (Bunemann, Cranshaw and Harvey, 1949) Author OTHER References
Purity Monitors
16 Oct 2019
4096-v1 Neutrino University -- Neutrinos and Machine Learning Author OTHER Physics
15 Aug 2019
4078-v1 Heinzinger Digital Interface Manual Author OTHER Electrics and DAQ
12 Aug 2019
4039-v1 BSM with neutrinos -- Neutrino University Author OTHER Physics
24 Jul 2019
4012-v1 Neutrinoless double beta decay -- Neutrino university Author OTHER Physics
11 Jul 2019
4006-v1 Neutrino Mass Models Author OTHER Physics
04 Jul 2019
3982-v1 Neutrino Cross Section -- Neutrino University Author OTHER Physics
26 Jun 2019
3976-v1 Neutrino Detectors -- Neutrino University Author OTHER Physics
21 Jun 2019
3923-v1 Neutrino University -- Andre de Gouvea Author OTHER Physics
04 Jun 2019
3625-v1 Xe127 Breakdown Author OTHER Xelda
31 Oct 2018
3158-v1 MicroBooNE's wants Author OTHER LArIAT
15 Feb 2018
3086-v2 ArcLight in PixLAr: status report Author OTHER Light Stuff
21 Dec 2017
2474-v1 MSDS for Getter Max 133 and 233 Author OTHER ES&H Documents
09 Jun 2017
2331-v1 Operator's Manual for Iseg High Precision HV Modules - sometimes called Wieners Author OTHER High Voltage
15 May 2017
1717-v1 MSDS of Cu Reactant Cu-0226, Mole Sieve 4A and Gettermax 233 Author OTHER MSDS
27 Mar 2017
2172-v1 Glassman Positive Power Supply Manual Author OTHER High Voltage
27 Mar 2017
708-v1 Neutron detector specs (EJ-301) including MSDS Author OTHER et al. Scene
12 Sep 2016
1561-v2 Liquid Argon Purity Monitor Testing (in a Vacuum) at PAB Author OTHER Purity Monitors
21 Jul 2015
441-v1 R11065 PMT Data and PMT base stuff Sten Hansen et al. PMT stuff
11 Aug 2014
1288-v1 LBNE and LArIAT (Zelimir Djurcic Author OTHER LArIAT
10 Jul 2014
1285-v1 CAPTAIN: perspectives from neutron test beam (Richard Van de Water) Author OTHER LArIAT
10 Jul 2014
1279-v1 Perspectives from an augmented scintillation light system (Michel Sorel) Author OTHER Light Stuff
10 Jul 2014
1152-v1 Lancaster presentation Author OTHER Meetings
16 Jan 2014
1098-v1 LDETEK (Nitrogen in argon and xenon) manual and original data sheets Author OTHER Equipment
04 Nov 2013
1088-v1 Vapor Pressure of some common `gases' below their boiling point .. Author OTHER LN general
LAr general
30 Oct 2013
1061-v1 Scene Cryocooler Manual Author OTHER Scene
25 Oct 2013
1050-v2 URL of Database of Light Absorption Cross Sections Author OTHER Light Stuff
13 Sep 2013
38-v9 Misc. Engineering Property Values, Conversions, and Hardware Manuals Terry Tope References
27 Mar 2006
824-v1 Long Bo Photos by Reidar Hahn Author OTHER LAPD
31 Aug 2012
806-v1 LLNL Two Phase for NCvA Author OTHER Light Stuff
23 Aug 2012
678-v1 Measurements of Leff (Aprile/2011 - Gastler/2010) Author OTHER Scene
13 Jun 2012
136-v1 Sauli's Drift and Wire Chamber comprehensive paper (CERN 77-09) Author OTHER Wires
Long Wire Test
15 Nov 2011
356-v1 ORC Stuff for Bo Author OTHER et al. ES&H Documents
Fermilab Reviews
25 Jul 2011
653-v1 Outgassing - Measurement and Theory Author OTHER Materials
11 Apr 2011
614-v1 H2O Adsorption Curves Author OTHER Filters
23 Sep 2010
605-v1 R518 Side-on Phototube Specs Author OTHER PMT stuff
09 Aug 2010
581-v1 DarkSide Proposal sent to DOE with FWP Author OTHER DarkSide-50
17 May 2010
580-v1 Assay of Circuit Board Materials Author OTHER Materials
14 May 2010
568-v1 Multi-port selector valve Author OTHER Valves
29 Mar 2010
544-v1 PMT in Snow Author OTHER PMT stuff
16 Feb 2010
536-v1 Electron Emission in 2 phase detectors - Bondar Author OTHER Drift Electrode Design
02 Feb 2010
495-v1 Bellows Pumps Catalog Author OTHER Piping and Pumps
04 Dec 2009
479-v1 20 kg Flow Schematic Author OTHER 10 kg Detecto
17 Nov 2009
457-v1 Stuff on reflectors and coatings Author OTHER et al. WLS and Reflectors
08 Nov 2009
468-v1 Fort Wayne Metals Catalog Author OTHER Wires
13 Sep 2009
327-v1 ORC Stuff for Luke Author OTHER ES&H Documents
Fermilab Reviews
24 Aug 2009
455-v1 DUSEL Stuff Author OTHER Documents
03 Aug 2009
454-v1 Master Bond Epoxy Author OTHER Materials
01 Aug 2009
452-v1 Kinematics and rates for DM Detection - Lewin and Smith 1996 Jeff Martoff et al. Dark Matter
30 Jul 2009
448-v1 HV cable for 20 kg Author OTHER High Voltage
20 Jul 2009
239-v1 BOC MSDS for liquid argon which includes contaminant specs Author OTHER LAr general
10 Jun 2009
437-v1 LAPD Tank Inspections Author OTHER et al. LAPD
10 Jun 2009
434-v1 Purification of Liquid Krypton for GEM Author OTHER Purification (chemical and radio)
28 May 2009
433-v1 Radioactivity References Author OTHER Radioactivity References
Dark Matter
20 May 2009
426-v1 InSpector Manual Author OTHER Dark Matter
20 Mar 2009
425-v1 Liquid Argon Theory of State Author OTHER LAr general
16 Mar 2009
354-v1 UV LEDs for Purity Monitor Light Source Author OTHER Light Stuff
19 Feb 2009
407-v1 ProCard Categories Author OTHER Requisitions
16 Jan 2009
400-v1 Light (slow/fast) vs Field Measurement Kubota et al. Author OTHER Light Stuff
10 Dec 2008
382-v1 MSDS of TPB Author OTHER MSDS
30 Sep 2008
372-v1 Souvenir for This (2008) Summer's Students Author OTHER Docs & Correspondence
12 Aug 2008
373-v1 ArgoNeuT Author OTHER ArgoNeuT
12 Aug 2008
360-v1 50 Liter Information Author OTHER References
13 Jun 2008
359-v1 Purity Author OTHER Purification (chemical and radio)
13 Jun 2008
202-v2 Argon scintillation detection project stuff David Gerstle et al. LAr general
06 Jun 2008
248-v2 Muon Lifetime in Liquid Argon David Finley et al. Physics
20 Mar 2008
345-v1 Tests on two 8 inch cold PMT's Author OTHER Electrics and DAQ
29 Feb 2008
240-v1 Argon Phase Diagram Author OTHER LAr general
14 Feb 2008
333-v1 Tektronix TDS5000 Programming Reference Author OTHER References
07 Jan 2008
256-v3 Andre Rubbia et al Alberto Marchionni et al. Proton Decay
Cosmic Rays
15 Nov 2007
316-v1 Capacitors Author OTHER Front End
Cold Electronics
Electrics and DAQ
15 Nov 2007
59-v1 Material Data Sheets.. Author OTHER High Voltage
01 Oct 2007
310-v1 Cu-Be Wire Spool Label Author OTHER Wires
18 Sep 2007
308-v1 FESHM UV Protection Chapter Author OTHER Docs & Correspondence
12 Sep 2007
306-v1 NUSAG Final Report July 13, 2007 Author OTHER NuSAG
31 Aug 2007
294-v1 Fermilab Steering Group Preliminary Report Author OTHER Docs & Correspondence
07 Aug 2007
292-v1 Lab-Wide Party: ILC R&D (Detectors) Author OTHER Administration
02 Aug 2007
291-v1 lab-wide party Author OTHER et al. Administration
01 Aug 2007
289-v1 Future long baseline neutrino experiments Author OTHER Neutrino Oscillation
01 Aug 2007
285-v1 microBooNE Bonnie Fleming et al. MiniBoone Beam
MiniBoone Beam
24 Jul 2007
281-v1 Rachel's T962 Poster Author OTHER T962
06 Jul 2007
181-v1 NuSAG T2K / 2km Questions and Answers of July 27, 2005 Author OTHER Docs & Correspondence
External Reviews
01 May 2007
179-v1 NuSAG 2006 Author OTHER Docs & Correspondence
External Reviews
01 May 2007
141-v1 NuSAG meeting of May 20, 2006 Author OTHER External Reviews
01 May 2007
249-v1 Measurements of three epoxies at cryogenic temperatures David Finley et al. References
07 Feb 2007
07 Dec 2006
228-v1 ISS Detector Summary Talk Author OTHER Neutrino Oscillation
Neutrino Oscillation
New Beams
New Beams
New Beams
14 Nov 2006
217-v1 Review of Cryogenic Thermal Systems - NASA Author OTHER References
26 Oct 2006
81-v1 Notes from FLARE project Larry Bartoszek et al. References
External Reviews
06 Aug 2006
184-v1 CERN Strategy Author OTHER Docs & Correspondence
15 Jul 2006
8-v2 H. Chen paper at IEEE and at NIM Author OTHER References
13 May 2006
140-v1 Shapiro presentation of EPP2010 at SLAC on May 4 2006 Author OTHER Docs & Correspondence
11 May 2006
96-v2 Resistivity data and tests of SS304 from cryogenic to room temperature. Daniel Edmunds et al. Wires
02 May 2006
108-v1 Electrical Resistivity of Various Aluminum Alloys at Cryogenic Temperatures Author OTHER Wires
22 Mar 2006
84-v1 Structure of Molecular Sieves Author OTHER Filters
21 Feb 2006
83-v1 Activated Alumina use and regeneration Author OTHER Filters
20 Feb 2006
22-v1 Considerations for the Design of a Time Projection Liquid Argon Ionization Chamber (Gatti et al) Author OTHER References
20 Oct 2005
9-v1 Argon purification in the Liquid Phase Benetti et al. Author OTHER References
18 Oct 2005

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