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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1946-v14 Gas Analyzer Location Spreadsheet Kathrine Laureto et al. Instrumentation
09 Apr 2020
1543-v7 Publications From Liquid Argon Detector R&D Efforts Brian J Rebel Cryogenics
09 Dec 2016
1447-v1 LArIAT presentation at Director's R&D Review 10-29-14 Brian J Rebel LArIAT
21 Jan 2015
1000-v5 LARIAT NSF Visit - July 23, 2013 Carl Bromberg et al. LArIAT
External Reviews
24 Jul 2013
866-v1 Phase 2 NSF MRI discussion Mike Kordosky et al. LArIAT
13 Nov 2012
800-v1 Testbeam phase 2 planning Flavio Cavanna et al. LArIAT
09 Aug 2012
798-v1 Test beam poster shown at NuFact 2012 Flavio Cavanna et al. LArIAT
08 Aug 2012
746-v1 Minutes LArBDT 4/9/12 Brian J Rebel LArIAT
09 Apr 2012
694-v1 First Liquid in LAPD Brian J Rebel LAPD
21 Nov 2011
642-v1 Effort needed to complete the Liquid Argon Purity Demonstrator Rob Plunkett et al. LAPD
14 Jun 2011
379-v1 Bo Noise Studies Brian J Rebel DAQ
25 Sep 2008
378-v1 Introduction to FMWK Brian J Rebel Simulations
17 Sep 2008
377-v1 Bo Position Resolution Brian J Rebel Detectors
Pattern Recognition
Event Displays
17 Sep 2008
364-v1 Bo Event Display Brian J Rebel Event Displays
01 Jul 2008

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