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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3953-v1 Neutrino Sources Bonnie Fleming Physics
12 Jun 2019
1069-v1 LAr1-ND Overview Bonnie Fleming et al. LAr1
2 detector scenario
09 Oct 2013
221-v1 Response to Questions from NuSAG to the FNAL/BNL Long Baseline Study Bonnie Fleming et al. Docs & Correspondence
01 Aug 2009
155-v1 Group Meeting May 13, 2006 Carl Bromberg et al. Meetings
15 Oct 2007
285-v1 microBooNE Bonnie Fleming et al. MiniBoone Beam
MiniBoone Beam
24 Jul 2007
271-v1 T962 PPD Review Documents Carl Bromberg et al. T962
24 May 2007
218-v1 LAr R & D plan submitted to NuSAG David Finley et al. Docs & Correspondence
01 May 2007
11-v1 NuSAG Submission Douglas Jensen et al. Docs & Correspondence
01 May 2007
243-v1 DPF 2006 Hawaii Talk by Bonnie Fleming Bonnie Fleming Talks
18 Jan 2007
220-v1 Technical summary for LAr for FNAL/BNL Long Baseline Study Report Bonnie Fleming Mechanics
26 Oct 2006
219-v1 Simulations Section for Long Baseline Report Bonnie Fleming Pattern Recognition
26 Oct 2006
81-v1 Notes from FLARE project Larry Bartoszek et al. References
External Reviews
06 Aug 2006
170-v1 Event Rates presentation, June 12-13, 2006 Meeting Bonnie Fleming NuMI Beam
13 Jun 2006
156-v1 Long Baseline Study: Liquid Argon Bonnie Fleming New Beams
Neutrino Oscillation
New Beams
Neutrino Oscillation
23 May 2006
147-v1 Fleming talk for LArTPC meeting for May 13th, 2006 Bonnie Fleming Neutrino Oscillation
Pattern Recognition
13 May 2006
122-v1 Neutrino Events in an Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber on the NuMI beamline Bonnie Fleming NuMI Beam
NuMI Beam
12 Apr 2006
119-v1 Pictures of Purity Monitor Set-up at Yale Alessandro Curioni et al. Yale Test
10 Apr 2006

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