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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
254-v2 Flash Lamp & fiber & UV LED & Conax feedthrough Information Stephen Pordes Light Stuff
Light Stuff
Purity Monitors
07 Jun 2020
351-v1 Three Fiber PrM setup pictures Cary Kendziora et al. Light Stuff
Purity Monitors
14 Jun 2011
337-v1 PrM Feedthrus - signal and light Walter Jaskierny et al. Light Stuff
Purity Monitors
27 May 2009
354-v1 UV LEDs for Purity Monitor Light Source Author OTHER Light Stuff
19 Feb 2009
400-v1 Light (slow/fast) vs Field Measurement Kubota et al. Author OTHER Light Stuff
10 Dec 2008
369-v7 Summer Student Data Summary & Presentations Andrea Albert et al. Light Stuff
29 Nov 2008
386-v1 Requisition for Oriel Light Source John Krider Light Stuff
22 Oct 2008
374-v1 Scintillation light detection Flavio Cavanna Light Stuff
25 Aug 2008
367-v1 Output Estimates for 255nm Diode Jamie Molaro Light Stuff
14 Jul 2008
329-v1 Info on PrM Lighting System John Krider et al. Light Stuff
Purity Monitors
31 Mar 2008

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