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1443-v1 Underground Argon Extraction and Purification: 10-29-14 Henning Back Distillation Column
Depleted Argon
21 Jan 2015
458-v1 Ion Chamber and Muon Veto Stuff Christy Martin et al. 39-Ar Ion Chamber
09 Jul 2014
701-v2 Material for R&D Pres. to PAC by E.Ramberg 11/11 Stephen Pordes Dark Matter
Fermilab Reviews
PAB setup
Cold Electronics
23 Nov 2011
618-v1 condenser booster volume calculation Henning Back LAr general
Distillation Column
Distillation Column
Depleted Argon
12 Oct 2010
610-v1 DAr Poster 8/26/10 Henning Back Distillation Column
Depleted Argon
01 Sep 2010
524-v1 Distillation Column Photos Henning Back et al. Dark Matter
Distillation Column
Distillation Column
Depleted Argon
24 Aug 2010
598-v1 Yellow cylinder specifications Thomas Alexander et al. Argon
Depleted Argon
14 Jul 2010
572-v1 distillation column data plots Henning Back Distillation Column
Distillation Column
Depleted Argon
03 May 2010
562-v1 Distillation Column Bellows Pressure Test Cary Kendziora ES&H Documents
Depleted Argon
09 Mar 2010
558-v1 Depleted Argon Cylinders Storage in NuMI Henning Back et al. Depleted Argon
05 Mar 2010
540-v3 Tests on Production R11065 Stephen Pordes Light Production/Propagation
PMT stuff
11 Feb 2010
472-v2 Prototype R11065 Tests at Room Temperature Stephen Pordes et al. Dark Matter
PMT stuff
11 Feb 2010
536-v1 Electron Emission in 2 phase detectors - Bondar Author OTHER Drift Electrode Design
02 Feb 2010
491-v1 Lead Shield for Ion Chamber Christy Martin 39-Ar Ion Chamber
24 Nov 2009
473-v1 Testing PMTs in Liquid Nitrogen OTHER-INFN WArP Papers
PMT stuff
18 Oct 2009
460-v1 Talk at New Initiatives 8/7/09 Stephen Pordes Dark Matter
06 Aug 2009
459-v1 20 kg HV Feedthrough Hans Jostlein Dark Matter
High Voltage
06 Aug 2009
455-v1 DUSEL Stuff Author OTHER Documents
03 Aug 2009
449-v1 ForJeff Stephen Pordes Dark Matter
31 Jul 2009
450-v1 Martoff Expt. Techniques Seminar 28Jul09 Jeff Martoff 20 kg Detector
30 Jul 2009
452-v1 Kinematics and rates for DM Detection - Lewin and Smith 1996 Jeff Martoff et al. Dark Matter
30 Jul 2009
443-v2 Pictures for B. Baller 6/30/09 Jeff Martoff Dark Matter
External Reviews
Drift Electrode Design
20 kg Detector
01 Jul 2009
433-v1 Radioactivity References Author OTHER Dark Matter
Radioactivity References
20 May 2009
426-v1 InSpector Manual Author OTHER Dark Matter
20 Mar 2009
413-v1 Dark Matter R & D at PPD Review 1/26/09 Andrew Sonnenschein Dark Matter
26 Jan 2009
319-v2 Informal talk at Princeton 10/26/2007 Stephen Pordes Dark Matter
25 Jan 2009
402-v1 WARP Thesis - Luca Grandi OTHER-INFN Dark Matter
14 Dec 2008

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