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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4900-v1 NIR in TallBo Carlos Escobar Light Stuff
24 Feb 2021
4868-v1 NIR in TallBo-preliminary results Carlos Escobar Light Stuff
27 Jan 2021
4859-v1 Update on 1/15/2021 on Xenon Doping Run Alan A Hahn Light Stuff
16 Jan 2021
4842-v2 NIR in TallBo an update Carlos Escobar Light Stuff
02 Dec 2020
4769-v1 NIR in TallBo an update Carlos Escobar Light Stuff
30 Sep 2020
4741-v1 NIR in TallBo update for PAB Users Meeting 08/26/20 Carlos Escobar Light Stuff
26 Aug 2020
4688-v1 NIR at TallBo -Xe doping in Luke - WLS solubility Carlos Escobar Xenon in Argon
Light Stuff
29 Jul 2020
254-v2 Flash Lamp & fiber & UV LED & Conax feedthrough Information Stephen Pordes Light Stuff
Purity Monitors
Light Stuff
07 Jun 2020
4527-v1 CE-PAB 03-18-2020 Carlos Escobar Light Stuff
18 Mar 2020
4454-v1 Cryo Data From IU Tall Bo 8/2018 to 10/2018 run Alan A Hahn Nitrogen
Light Stuff
Purification (chemical and radio)
10 Feb 2020
3374-v1 Updates Arapucas and Shower Separation Ernesto Kemp Geometry
Light Stuff
08 Jun 2018
3086-v2 ArcLight in PixLAr: status report Author OTHER Bars
Light Stuff
21 Dec 2017
2855-v1 ARAPUCA for PixLAr Ana Machado Light Stuff
22 Sep 2017
2831-v1 Aracy's Fate Ernesto Kemp Light Stuff
08 Sep 2017
2744-v5 DPF meeting Monica Nunes Light Stuff
31 Jul 2017
2058-v1 ARAPUCA-BR Ana Machado Light Stuff
06 Feb 2017
537-v1 A modular design a large Liquid Argon TPC Hans Jostlein Cellular Design
Cathode/Field cage
Cold Electronics
Big Tank
Big Tank
Cathode/Field cage
WLS and Reflectors
18 Jan 2017
1997-v1 Preliminary October TallBo Results Jarrett Moon Bars
21 Oct 2016
1974-v1 Drawings of Lazy Susan (Carousel) and motion mechanism in TallBo Cary Kendziora Bars
Lazy Susan
26 Sep 2016
1861-v1 Acrylics Kanika Sachdev Light Stuff
05 May 2016
1853-v1 Tall Bo meeting April, 27 2016 Stefano Vergani LAr general
27 Apr 2016
1711-v1 VUV SiPM Update 2 Dung Phan Light Stuff
14 Jan 2016
1668-v1 VUV SiPM Takasumi Maruyama Light Stuff
17 Nov 2015
1626-v2 Update on Michel electron studies using light/tracks William Foreman et al. Calorimetry
Light Stuff
06 Oct 2015
1528-v1 SensL in the cryostat Irene Nutini Light Stuff
02 Jun 2015
1445-v1 Light Detection Studies - Director's Review 10-29-14 Matt Toups Light Stuff
21 Jan 2015
1350-v1 LArIAT light collection update William Foreman Light Stuff
15 Sep 2014
441-v1 R11065 PMT Data and PMT base stuff Sten Hansen et al. PMT stuff
11 Aug 2014
1296-v1 LArIAT light collection system William Foreman Light Stuff
11 Jul 2014
1279-v1 Perspectives from an augmented scintillation light system (Michel Sorel) Author OTHER Light Stuff
10 Jul 2014
1275-v1 Reflector-based light collection -- LArTPC R&D Workshop talk William Foreman LArIAT
WLS and Reflectors
03 Jul 2014
1271-v1 LArIAT PMT tests at MCenter William Foreman LArIAT
PMT stuff
24 Jun 2014
1251-v1 LArIAT PMT FT tests (update) William Foreman Light Stuff
27 May 2014
1238-v1 Foil mounting tests William Foreman Light Stuff
13 May 2014
1215-v1 LArIAT Light Readout Update (Apr 8, 2014) Roberto Acciarri et al. Light Stuff
08 Apr 2014
1183-v3 M.I.T. Light R&D Program for LAr R&D Review 2-14-14 Matt Toups Light Stuff
14 Feb 2014
1179-v1 Indiana Light Studies - 2-14-14 FNAL LAr Review Stuart L Mufson et al. Light Stuff
13 Feb 2014
1173-v1 Work on acrylic light guides at IU Stuart L Mufson Light Stuff
11 Feb 2014
1097-v1 Photos related to Light R&D at PAB Stephen Pordes Light Stuff
01 Nov 2013
1095-v1 Light readout update (October 31 2013) William Foreman et al. Light Stuff
31 Oct 2013
1063-v1 Photos of Indiana light detection system equipment Stephen Pordes TallBo
Light Stuff
03 Oct 2013
1050-v2 URL of Database of Light Absorption Cross Sections Author OTHER References
Light Stuff
13 Sep 2013
1002-v1 Light readout update (07/18) William Foreman et al. Light Stuff
18 Jul 2013
595-v2 PMT baseline correction Stephen Pordes PMT
PMT stuff
28 May 2013
775-v5 Scintillator Holders Lisa M Carpenter et al. Scintillator
31 Aug 2012
806-v1 LLNL Two Phase for NCvA Author OTHER References
Light Stuff
23 Aug 2012
770-v3 Trigger Counter for LAPD Work Lisa M Carpenter et al. Scintillator
08 Aug 2012
750-v1 Bo for MicroBooNE PMT testing Stephen Pordes Bo
PMT stuff
12 Apr 2012
749-v1 Movie of Argon gas TPC with admixture of Nitrogen Stephen Pordes Light Stuff
12 Apr 2012
612-v1 R5912 stuff Sten Hansen PMT
PMT stuff
19 Sep 2010
605-v1 R518 Side-on Phototube Specs Author OTHER Instrumentation
PMT stuff
09 Aug 2010
544-v1 PMT in Snow Author OTHER PMT stuff
16 Feb 2010
540-v3 Tests on Production R11065 Stephen Pordes Light Production/Propagation
PMT stuff
11 Feb 2010
472-v2 Prototype R11065 Tests at Room Temperature Stephen Pordes et al. Dark Matter
PMT stuff
11 Feb 2010
457-v1 Stuff on reflectors and coatings Author OTHER et al. WLS and Reflectors
08 Nov 2009
466-v5 Resistor and Capacitor Testing Kelly Swanson PMT stuff
18 Oct 2009
473-v1 Testing PMTs in Liquid Nitrogen OTHER-INFN WArP Papers
PMT stuff
18 Oct 2009

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