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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4909-v1 Pion Absorption Update VII Matthew King LArIAT
26 Feb 2021
4833-v1 Pion Absorption Update 6 Matthew King LArIAT
13 Nov 2020
3549-v1 Four-point beam tracks in proton analysis Jose Cevallos LArIAT
28 Sep 2018
3523-v1 Update on Track "Bending" Feauture Jose Cevallos LArIAT
07 Sep 2018
3469-v4 S/N Study w/ Wire Spacing Silvia Zhang LArIAT
10 Aug 2018
2969-v3 Updates Monica Nunes LArIAT
10 Aug 2018
3344-v1 JINST Paper: status and perspectives Ernesto Kemp LArIAT
18 May 2018
3312-v1 JINST Paper: status and perspectives Ernesto Kemp LArIAT
27 Apr 2018
3209-v2 Ongoing Analysis of ARAPUCA in LArIAT Marina Guzzo LArIAT
16 Feb 2018
3173-v1 Detector Paper Ernesto Kemp LArIAT
15 Feb 2018
3158-v1 MicroBooNE's wants Author OTHER LArIAT
15 Feb 2018
2885-v1 The LArIAT light detection system Ernesto Kemp LArIAT
23 Sep 2017
2816-v1 First Look at Run-III TOF Robert M Carey et al. LArIAT
01 Sep 2017
2789-v1 Wire Analysis - Run 3 Monica Nunes LArIAT
18 Aug 2017
2654-v1 Time of Flight etc. Robert M Carey et al. LArIAT
19 Jul 2017
2609-v2 The JINST paper plan Ernesto Kemp et al. LArIAT
18 Jul 2017
2370-v1 purity update Monica Nunes LArIAT
19 May 2017
2265-v1 LArIAT on Open Science Grid & dE/dx Calibration Justin Hugon LArIAT
21 Apr 2017
2116-v1 EM - Shower & Aerogel analysis update in LArIAT Brandon Soubasis LArIAT
Event Displays
03 Mar 2017
2071-v1 A Modest Beamline Proposal Robert M Carey LArIAT
22 Feb 2017
2052-v1 Update Andrea Falcone LArIAT
27 Jan 2017
2048-v1 Proton Update Ryan Bouabid LArIAT
13 Jan 2017
1978-v1 Pion Capture at Rest - update Marc Ross-lonergan LArIAT
05 Dec 2016
2006-v1 Drifting Downstream Robert M Carey et al. LArIAT
10 Nov 2016
1967-v1 Template Fitting for the LArIAT TOF signals: Phase 2 Robert M Carey et al. LArIAT
22 Sep 2016
1959-v1 First study on Positive Polarity Run and exclusive channel π → proton Andrea Falcone LArIAT
09 Sep 2016
1942-v3 LArIAT: World's First Pion-Argon Cross-Section Pip Hamilton LArIAT
18 Aug 2016
1939-v1 WC-TPC Matching Asymmetry Daniel L Smith LArIAT
15 Aug 2016
1937-v1 Proton XS Update Ryan Bouabid LArIAT
12 Aug 2016
1933-v1 G4Beamline Simulation Update Brandon Soubasis LArIAT
05 Aug 2016
1902-v1 Template Fitting for the LArIAT TOF signals Robert M Carey et al. LArIAT
01 Jul 2016
1883-v1 PIDA in the Kaon Analysis with Data Daniel L Smith LArIAT
03 Jun 2016
1862-v1 AGCounter Module Tech Note Dung Phan LArIAT
05 May 2016
1856-v2 Muon Calibration Studies Kevin Nelson LArIAT
29 Apr 2016
1848-v2 Aerogel Analysis update Brandon Soubasis LArIAT
21 Apr 2016
1837-v4 APS April Presentation: Monte Carlo Study of Pion Absorption in LArIAT Andrew Olivier LArIAT
15 Apr 2016
1842-v3 Kaon Update for WCTrack Reco and Aerogel Cut Daniel L Smith LArIAT
15 Apr 2016
1835-v1 Kaon Update for WCTrack Reco, Aerogel Cut and Calorimetry Daniel L Smith LArIAT
11 Apr 2016
1824-v2 Pion Absorption+Charge Exchange Monte Carlo Study Andrew Olivier LArIAT
01 Apr 2016

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