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4754-v1 Xe Bottle Handling Training Dylan J Temples Xenon in Argon
15 Sep 2020
4685-v2 Xenon Doping in Luke Status Alan A Hahn Xenon in Argon
29 Jul 2020
4688-v1 NIR at TallBo -Xe doping in Luke - WLS solubility Carlos Escobar Light Stuff
Xenon in Argon
29 Jul 2020
4585-v1 Photon Signal Sources in MTS --Xenon Doping Setup Alan A Hahn Xenon in Argon
18 May 2020
4468-v1 PAB ACTIVITIES-CARLOS Carlos Escobar Cryogenics
Xenon in Argon
19 Feb 2020
4354-v1 Attenuation of Am241 gamma rays in LAr and PTFE Carlos Escobar Xenon in Argon
25 Nov 2019
4223-v1 Photos of the PTFE detector chamber for the Xe doping experiment in LUKE Carlos Escobar Xenon in Argon
22 Oct 2019
4181-v1 Planned activities at PAB for Carlos Escobar Carlos Escobar Xenon in Argon
15 Oct 2019
4175-v1 Report from summer intern Alexis Solis Alexis Solis Xenon in Argon
14 Oct 2019

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