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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
395-v5 Pulse Shaping Studies using the FFT Carl Bromberg et al. Detector Response
Front End
Pattern Recognition
Detector Capability
Signal Processing
07 Feb 2020
3407-v1 Study of Kaon Identification for Proton Decay Daniel L Smith Proton Decay
01 Aug 2018
2009-v1 Cosmic Simulation and Ion Drift in LArIAT Diego Gamez Simulations
11 Nov 2016
1933-v1 G4Beamline Simulation Update Brandon Soubasis LArIAT
05 Aug 2016
1788-v1 Pion Low bin Celio Moura LArIAT
09 Mar 2016
1701-v1 Aerogel Schematic Will Flanagan Simulations
23 Dec 2015
1601-v1 Evaluating the use of Geant4 through LArSoft in the LArIAT simulation Hans Wenzel Simulations
25 Aug 2015
1547-v1 Event Display and Bezier Tracker Andrew Olivier Reconstruction
22 Jun 2015
1505-v1 Study of Noisy Hits from LArIAT Reconstruction Andrew Olivier Detector Response
28 Apr 2015
1436-v1 Electronics Simulation Update Ryan Linehan et al. Simulations
06 Jan 2015
1286-v1 GENIE - Lariat Steve Dytman Event Generation
10 Jul 2014
1282-v1 Expectation fore LArIAAT contribution to Geant 4 Hans Wenzel Argon drift
10 Jul 2014
1254-v1 "Electron Neutrino Appearance with the Fermilab Short Baseline Program" poster plots Corey Adams Simulations
03 Jun 2014
1247-v1 Electron Neutrino Appearance with the Fermilab Short Baseline Program Corey Adams 2 detector scenario
2 detector scenario
27 May 2014
1227-v1 Electron Reconstruction Roberto Acciarri Reconstruction
28 Apr 2014
1224-v1 Doubling LAr1-ND: electron appearance studies Corey Adams Neutrino Oscillation
22 Apr 2014
1139-v2 Beam Flux Input Module Presentation Andrew Olivier Event Generation
19 Dec 2013
1118-v1 LAr1 Nue Appearance Sensitivities Corey Adams Simulations
20 Nov 2013
1102-v2 Simulation Update Corey Adams Simulations
06 Nov 2013
1078-v1 Update on Simulation Corey Adams LAr1
16 Oct 2013
1037-v1 LAr1 Update on MC Generation Corey Adams Neutrino Oscillation
04 Sep 2013
1036-v1 LBNE 35 Ton Prototype Cosmic Muon Trigger Ryan Linehan et al. Cosmic Rays
01 Sep 2013
1029-v1 Turtle Simulations of Beam Randy Johnson New Beams
28 Aug 2013
952-v1 Updated LAr1 Sensitivities Corey Adams Simulations
25 Apr 2013
853-v1 Containment for Protons and Kaons Junting Huang Simulations
23 Oct 2012
797-v2 MC hadron containment in a test beam simulation Pawel Guzowski LArIAT
Detector Capability
24 Aug 2012
787-v1 Recoil particle spectra Mike Kordosky Event Generation
11 Jul 2012
752-v1 GEANT4 Simulation of Polyethylene Collimator's Influence Yixiong Meng Geometry
24 Apr 2012
705-v3 Simulation Status Nov. 30 Christy Martin Simulations
30 Nov 2011
534-v1 Electron Drift Velocity in the microBooNE TPC Qing He et al. Argon drift
02 Feb 2010
378-v1 Introduction to FMWK Brian J Rebel Simulations
17 Sep 2008
371-v1 5mm vs 10mm pitch scanning summary Andrea Albert NuMI Beam
Pattern Recognition
08 Aug 2008
228-v1 ISS Detector Summary Talk Author OTHER New Beams
Neutrino Oscillation
New Beams
Neutrino Oscillation
New Beams
14 Nov 2006
212-v1 Monte Carlo study of an LArTPC for Neutrino Experiments Alessandro Curioni Detector Response
Pattern Recognition
Detector Capability
09 Oct 2006
156-v1 Long Baseline Study: Liquid Argon Bonnie Fleming New Beams
New Beams
Neutrino Oscillation
Neutrino Oscillation
23 May 2006
25-v1 Estimation of Signal Efficiency and Background Rejection for a Liquid Argon Detector in the NuMI Off-Axis Beam Hugh Gallagher et al. Event Generation
Detector Response
Detector Capability
20 Oct 2005
13-v1 Tufts Scan Analysis Hugh Gallagher Pattern Recognition
Detector Capability
18 Oct 2005

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