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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1907-v1 LArIAT TSW Flavio Cavanna et al. LArIAT
Fermilab Reviews
11 Jul 2018
1644-v1 LArIAT ORC documentation Jennifer Raaf LArIAT
Fermilab Reviews
13 Oct 2015
1501-v1 Final ORC for TPC HV Alan A Hahn et al. LArIAT
Fermilab Reviews
High Voltage
23 Apr 2015
1442-v1 Talk at Director's review 10-29-14 Stephen Pordes Fermilab Reviews
21 Jan 2015
1184-v1 Resources Slide LAr R & D review 2-14-14 Stephen Pordes Fermilab Reviews
14 Feb 2014
1177-v3 Review 2-14-14 Introduction Stephen Pordes Fermilab Reviews
14 Feb 2014
1182-v2 Charge and Agenda for LAr R&D Review 2-14-14 Stephen Pordes Fermilab Reviews
13 Feb 2014
701-v2 Material for R&D Pres. to PAC by E.Ramberg 11/11 Stephen Pordes Dark Matter
Fermilab Reviews
PAB setup
Cold Electronics
23 Nov 2011
356-v1 ORC Stuff for Bo Author OTHER et al. ES&H Documents
Fermilab Reviews
25 Jul 2011
410-v2 Status of 20 Ton LAPD - January 2009 Rob Plunkett Fermilab Reviews
14 Jun 2011
327-v1 ORC Stuff for Luke Author OTHER ES&H Documents
Fermilab Reviews
24 Aug 2009
409-v3 Talks at PPD Review/Briefing/Workshop on LAr R&D 1/26/09 Stephen Pordes Fermilab Reviews
PAB setup
01 Aug 2009
412-v1 Fermilab LAr Review Talk Carl Bromberg Fermilab Reviews
New Beams
Event Displays
Cold Electronics
26 Jan 2009
282-v2 Cryogenic Safety Report for T962 Robert Sanders ES&H Documents
Fermilab Reviews
04 Mar 2008
301-v1 Operational Readiness Clearance for "Luke Test Installation at Proton Assembly Building" Walter Jaskierny et al. ES&H Documents
Fermilab Reviews
04 Dec 2007
195-v3 Presentations to PPD Engineering Meeting July 24, 2006 by DF and SP David Finley et al. Fermilab Reviews
24 Jul 2006

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