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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
395-v5 Pulse Shaping Studies using the FFT Carl Bromberg et al. T962
Detector Response
Signal Processing
Detector Capability
Front End
Pattern Recognition
07 Feb 2020
1505-v1 Study of Noisy Hits from LArIAT Reconstruction Andrew Olivier LArSoft
Detector Response
28 Apr 2015
212-v1 Monte Carlo study of an LArTPC for Neutrino Experiments Alessandro Curioni Detector Response
Detector Capability
Pattern Recognition
09 Oct 2006
25-v1 Estimation of Signal Efficiency and Background Rejection for a Liquid Argon Detector in the NuMI Off-Axis Beam Hugh Gallagher et al. Event Generation
Detector Response
Detector Capability
20 Oct 2005

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