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4633-v1 LAr Supply Line and Filters P&ID Kathrine Laureto LAr general
PAB setup
13 Jul 2020
4338-v1 Iceberg Level Probes Kathrine Laureto ICEBERG
15 Jan 2020
4175-v1 Report from summer intern Alexis Solis Alexis Solis Xenon in Argon
14 Oct 2019
4145-v1 LAr Dewar at PAB Kathrine Laureto LAr general
24 Sep 2019
2059-v1 Proposed Liquid Argon Dewar and Vacuum Jacketed Piping for PAB Fritz Schwartz PAB setup
06 Feb 2017
537-v1 A modular design a large Liquid Argon TPC Hans Jostlein WLS and Reflectors
Cellular Design
Big Tank
Cold Electronics
Big Tank
Cathode/Field cage
Cathode/Field cage
18 Jan 2017
635-v4 LAPD Cryostat Interior Temperatures - RTD measurements and CFD models of Liquid and Gas Temperatures Erik A Voirin LAr general
24 Jan 2014
837-v1 Electrostatic modeling of Faraday cups on HV Feedthroughs Hans Jostlein et al. LAPD
High Voltage
Cathode/Field cage
07 Feb 2013
818-v1 Tertiary Test Beam for Liquid Argon Detecors - preliminr Douglas Jensen Beam
13 Sep 2012
786-v1 LAr Liquid Level System Using PT1000's Kristina M Lubinski Scene
11 Jul 2012
344-v1 First Operation of a liquid-argon TPC embedded in a magnetic field Andre Rubbia References
26 Feb 2008
325-v1 Temperature Distribution in MicroBoone Detector Richard Schmitt et al. Design/Calculations
20 Nov 2007
215-v1 Thermal Mixing in a Large LAr Tank Hans Jostlein Big Tank
18 Oct 2006
92-v1 Monitoring liquid purity 2/28/06-3/3/06 John Krider Purity Measurements
Purity Monitors
03 Mar 2006
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