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32-v2 LAr Purity Monitor Electronics and Electronics Bill of Materials (cost) Walter Jaskierny Instrumentation
Purity Monitors
10 Jul 2019
385-v1 Purity Monitor drawings John Krider Purity Monitors
04 Feb 2019
499-v1 Effect of a Virtual Leak on Argon Purity in LAPD and MicroBooNE Hans Jostlein LAPD
14 Jun 2011
584-v3 Capillary Sampling Tubes in the LAPD Tank Hans Jostlein Purity Measurements
14 Jun 2011
627-v3 LAPD Run Plan Draft Hans Jostlein LAPD
Purification (chemical and radio)
14 Jun 2011
542-v1 Room Temperature Water Evolution Test Stephen Pordes Purity Measurements
Materials Tests
15 Feb 2010
416-v1 PrM_cost_estimate Ewa Skup Purity Monitors
02 Feb 2009
367-v1 Output Estimates for 255nm Diode Jamie Molaro Light Stuff
14 Jul 2008
353-v1 Ice Grains Eating Electrons Hans Jostlein Argon
09 May 2008
311-v1 First Studies of Nitrogen in Argon using the Arc-Cell Michael Hentges LAr general
25 Sep 2007
272-v1 Argon purity demonstration Phase I for gas only Hans Jostlein Argon
130 ton
24 May 2007
257-v1 Conceptual Design for a Liquid Argon Purity Demonstration Hans Jostlein Systems
11 Apr 2007
92-v1 Monitoring liquid purity 2/28/06-3/3/06 John Krider Purity Measurements
Purity Monitors
03 Mar 2006
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