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LARTPC-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3523-v1 Update on Track "Bending" Feauture Jose Cevallos LArIAT
07 Sep 2018
3318-v1 PixLAr Reconstruction Tutorial Hunter Sullivan LArIAT
02 May 2018
1928-v4 Current developments of the reconstruction Dorota Stefan et al. Pattern Recognition
05 Aug 2016
1685-v2 Track Matching - The Cone Approach2 Ernesto Kemp et al. Reconstruction
04 Dec 2015
427-v1 Update on Bo Reconstruction Douglas Jensen Pattern Recognition
23 Apr 2009
420-v1 Signal Heights in Liquid Argon tracks Douglas Jensen Signal Processing
Pattern Recognition
24 Feb 2009
392-v1 Compare track resolutions using 6 point and long tracks Douglas Jensen Wires
Pattern Recognition
03 Nov 2008
389-v1 Run 137 Reconstruction with Differentiation Douglas Jensen Signal Processing
Pattern Recognition
31 Oct 2008
388-v1 Reconstruction with Carl Differentiator Douglas Jensen Signal Processing
Event Displays
27 Oct 2008
387-v1 Use of the Carl differentation in reconstruction program Douglas Jensen Signal Processing
Event Displays
23 Oct 2008
336-v1 Preliminary Analysis of Bo Pulser Data Douglas Jensen Pattern Recognition
24 Jan 2008
266-v2 Doug's LArTPC Reconstruction Status Douglas Jensen Pattern Recognition
16 May 2007
212-v1 Monte Carlo study of an LArTPC for Neutrino Experiments Alessandro Curioni Detector Response
Pattern Recognition
Detector Capability
09 Oct 2006
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