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First experimental study of neutrino CC QE events in a LArTPC

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Alessandro Curioni
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Alessandro Curioni
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30 Mar 2006, 10:26
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30 Mar 2006, 10:26
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30 Mar 2006, 10:26
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talk given at NuInt05 & WIDG (Yale - March 06)

We present results from the first exposure of a liquid Ar time
projection chamber to a neutrino beam. The data have been collected in
1997 with a 50 liter ICARUS-like chamber located between the CHORUS and
NOMAD experiment at the CERN West Area Neutrino Facility. We focus on
the analysis of quasi-elastic interactions; despite the limited size of
the detector, nuclear effects beyond Fermi motion and Pauli blocking
have been observed as perturbations to the pure quasi-elastic

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