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Electrons in Noble-Gas Liquids

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27 Apr 2006, 18:06
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Papers on electron motion in dielectric liquids.
--Bakale,Sowada, and Schmidt, J. of Physical Chemistry, Vol 80, No. 23, p 2556 (1976)
"Effect of electric field on Electron Attachment to SF6,N2O and O2 in Liquid Argon and Xenon"
--Shibamura, Takahashi, Kubota,Doke Phys. Rev A 20, 6 1979
"Ratio of diffusion Coefficient to Mobility for Electrons in Liquid Argon"
--Schmidt, IEEE Trans on Electr. Insul., Vol EI-19, no. 5, p389 (1984)
"Electronic Conduction Processes in Dielectric Liquids"
--Miller, Howe & Spear Phys. Rev 166, 3 1968
Charge Transport in Silid and Liquid Ar, Kr, and Xe
--Allen, NSRDS-NBS 58 (1976)
"Drift Mobilities and Conduction Band Energies of Excess Electroncs in Dielectric Liquids"
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Cleaner version of IEEE article by Schmidt thanks to CERN library ..
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