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LANNDD - A line of liquid argon TPC detectors scalable in mass from 200 Tons to 100 KTons

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Kirk McDonald
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Kirk McDonald
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12 May 2006, 15:23
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12 May 2006, 15:23
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25 Sep 2007, 09:28
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We propose a scalable line of liquid argon TPC detectors based on a three dimensional cubic frame
array immersed on a common liquid argon volume. The paper describes general lines, main construction
criteria, crucial points, parameters and required preliminary R&D activities for the construction of
detectors with active mass ranging from 200 ton to 100 kTon. Such detectors appear as unique for
supernova detection, proton decay, LBL neutrino physics and other astropaticle physics applications.
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Also at as astro-ph-0604548
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