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Vertical Temperature Profiles in LAPD and 35Ton Cryostats

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Alan A Hahn
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Alan A Hahn
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08 Jun 2016, 10:43
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08 Jun 2016, 10:43
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15 Jun 2016, 11:00
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A collection of various slides showing the general temperature profiles in both liquid and vapor from the LAPD Run 2 and 35 Ton Phase 1&2 runs.

It is noted that the raw data for these plots as well as other time periods during the operations of these Cryostats exists--contact the author.

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  • PDF version of file (Vertical Temperature Profiles In LAPD and 35Ton.pdf, 675.4 kB)
  • Powerpoint (Vertical Temperature Profiles In LAPD and 35Ton.pptx, 647.8 kB)
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