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Osc TDS5000B Manual

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Mateus F. Carneiro
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Mateus F. Carneiro
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08 Dec 2016, 12:03
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08 Dec 2016, 12:03
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29 Dec 2016, 15:12
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While trying to work with a TDS5054B-NV-T oscilloscope we found out that it has a graphic interface fairly different from what is covered in the TDS5000 Series User manual. This document here covers the differences and can also be found here:

Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes PHP0237 Version 2.0

A help file provides basic operating instructions, reference content, programmer information, or information that is specific to dialog boxes, screens, or windows in the product interface or a software application.

This manual applies to: TDS5054B, TDS5104B, TDS5032B, TDS5052B, TDS5054BE, TDS5034B

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