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Conceptual Design for a Liquid Argon Purity Demonstration

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Hans Jostlein
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Hans Jostlein
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19 Mar 2007, 16:24
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11 Apr 2007, 16:40
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11 Apr 2007, 16:59
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We are developing a conceptual design for a device to prove that the required liquid Argon (LAr) purity to drift electrons for 3 msec with less than 20% loss can be achieved in a vessel that cannot be evacuated. The vessel will contain the structures and materials needed for a functioning time projection chamber in liquid argon. In a second phase the vessel is expected to receive the necessary components and software to enable it to see cosmic ray tracks and tracks from neutrino interactions. The size of the test vessel has been set at 3% of a physics-sized detector that can make interesting physics measurements at the NOVA site. This size holds 150 tons of liquid Argon.
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