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Miasma-- LAPD Phase 2 at no cost

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11 Jun 2010, 16:50
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The Liquid Argon Purity Demonstration (LAPD) project is being carried out to show (or disprove) that sufficient purity can be achieved in a liquid Argon fill in a vessel that has been purged with Argon gas, but not evacuated, to allow long electron drift distances with acceptable electron losses.
Phase 1 of LAPD aims to meet the goal mentioned above.
Phase 2 will introduce typical TPC construction materials into the LAPD tank and aims to reach acceptable purity levels again, using the same process.
Phase 3 is not yet firmly defined, but may include a working TPC, may use a different cryostat design, and may be exposed to particles.
We show here that the Phase 2 goals can be achieved at the conclusion of Phase 1 without warming up, and without interrupting the measurements. The proposed implementation follows an idea (that I wish I had had) by Cary Kendziora.
With a very small investment ( 2 valves and a diffuser assembly) we can prepare now to carry out the LAPD Phase 2 investigations directly after Phase 1 is completed. It will not require a warm-up and purge process, saving time and the cost of Argon.
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